tulle and AA Super Tuesday

Fashion is Spinach has some great photos from Elle (shot by Karl Lagerfield). Looks like it's all about tulle this spring.

There's a nice interview on shiny squirrel with artist Julianna Swanney (from oh my cavalier). She's a Michigan artist!

Are you on the American Apparel email list? Usually I try to avoid them because I could spend too much money too easily, but today is different.

"We urge voters to consider Obama on the Democratic side."
There's information on their website and you can see all their ads and read articles... AA is by default a more political company than many in that they have taken their commitment to responsibly made clothing very seriously (without waiting for government sanctions). Immigration is a large concern to them because it really effects their workforce, but also because they are invested and working in the LA garment industry. In LA alone it's estimated there are more than 5,000 sweatshops. AA has done a lot to expose the needs of workers and immigrants.

"We urge voters to consider McCain on the Republican side"

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