'tween fashion

When I was in this 'tweens age group, my fashion role models were from the show Kids Incorporated. yikes. glad that phase ended! Most of them have grown into more graceful fashions (Jennifer Love Hewitt) or into their own fashion blunders (Fergie, ahem)

For my sister, a senior in high school, it was more Mary Kate and Ashley...

Now maybe it's Hannah Montana?

But it seems that early teen fashion is bordering more on the Brittney Spears side of ugly than the bubblegum sparkling kaleidoscope of Disney. Obviously, most Calvin students are past this fashion phase (let's HOPE we are), but this is a fun article from Slate on the state of clothing for our younger counterparts. It's enough to make me pray for a FABber to tackle the 'tweens industry and get some amazingly creative, responsibly made, and affirming designs in those malls!!!


company of the week!

Tom Shoes is a really fun company we discovered last year. For every pair of shoes you buy, a pair is donated to a child in need... right now they are working towards a "South African shoe drop" with the goal of distributing more than 50,000 pairs! These are casual and comfortable enough that they would make amazing gifts for special people in your life! There's also a "style your sole" shoe party?? hmmmm....


Lylou Design

Okay, the bags are cute, but I have to admit what caught my eye was the clothes on the girl holding the bag. But the bags at Lylou are very nice - especially because she's a Georgia designer! wooohoo!


Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin is a designer who does not always design clothing (although what she does do is fun), but I LOVE her uses of clothing in other projects. Check out more of her work here.