speaking of old fads...

I know I just posted about a fanny pack, but a scrunchy? For real? What do you think... will this one come back or will you run for the nearest neutral hair band? (via Free People)

Betty Crocker style make-up

It's all in a box! Just add... face, I guess. Beauty in a Box looks like a great solution for someone who might get a bit stressed walking through the counters in department stores. The sales pressure can get as strong as the perfume smell.


not-your-mom's fannypack

This Shuttle Bag is a great, classy update on a much-ridiculed/regretted accessory... the fannypack. Aside from the price tag ($98), would you wear this?



As we start thinking of gifts, Oh Happy Day has been having a great collection of posts about "Gifts under $30". I especially love these scissors for the sewer/knitter/crafter in your life... or for yourself. At $14, with signed brass-handles, this could be the prettiest practical purchase.


Most of my posts might be considered more "girly-girl" (ie: the jewelry, skirts, etc.) But here is a must-see for all the guys with some fashion sense and bikes. The word Knickers makes me giggle... so do these. But it's a joyous giggle because these knickers from Bicycle Fixation are the most fun. If I saw a guy wearing them, I'd probably hug him.


how beautiful... via SeamSters
These are by designer Thea Tolsma and guess what the material is??? rubber inner tubing!


Sew, Mama, Sew

Sew Mama Sew is a treat to explore. They've compiled tutorials for gifts... all are fabulous, like the above pictured lunch bag.


be astounded.
Julia Swan's work in embroidery is fantastic!


Bobbi Bear pattern from Purl fro $5.50

What with our knitting events lately, not to mention, learning to knit for myself, I'm noticing knitting projects more.

Purl is an amazing resource for fabric (especially print) and yarn, but it also has patterns... some for free!

fabric from Amy Butler

farmhouse yarns, andy's merino in grashopper
These are too much fun! More felting than knitting.

This is a very fun project for the scarf-beginners like me. via favorite colors

rose la biche

These are a little pricey... although they ARE made from American Apparel material (meaning they are sweatshop free). Rose la Biche has a shop, a blog, and some very nice photo shoots.

this is my favorite

I can't decide if the shirt or the feathery hair piece is better! (click on the photo for a bigger look)


tied up

I love this picture from the Sartorialist. Notice the tie for a belt. And the suitcase purse... I could go on but I won't.