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This blog, seamsters, has amazing finds from independant designers, including this by Isabela Capeto.


Take a look at these lovely hats from Rosy Naylor!



Jedidiah: Artists and Athelete Inspiring Action.

Thanks to Ruth for finding this inspiring company... Here is a paragraph from their manifesto:

In a world that changes faster than we can keep up with, we are holding on to the timeless truths of loving your fellow man, hope in the future and helping those less fortunate than us. We believe in relationships and the art of conversation. We believe everyone was created uniquely and for a purpose. We believe the world changes one person at a time. We encourage people to stop letting the world tell them who they should be, but rather, listen to the still small voice inside of them and become who they are meant to be. We believe if you truly search for the truth about yourself and your identity, you will find it. We are constantly encouraged by the strength and beauty we find in people. We firmly believe that people long to be part of something bigger than themselves. We have tremendous faith in human spirit and the heart of this generation.

A beautiful statement. It's worth taking a few minutes to look at what they are making. Their online store has some of their products. Is it possible for clothing to represent these ideas? If so, are they in fact representing? The music on the site is great as is the rest of the art.


Check out the latest from these designers... These are the names who determine what we will see the in the Spring and Summer. What do you think about where they are going?

Alexander McQueen


Christian Dior

Viktor and Rolf

Stars: salute or scrap?