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Dwell magazine usually sticks to modern home design, but they had a great article about Nau, an environmentally progressive clothing company out of Portland (not Canada, as I said earlier). The clothing won't fix any color longings you may be having during the dreary February stretch, but there's some very inventive and fun stuff. (I've been informed that the color choices are also rooted in environmental initiatives AND there's some brighter looks for spring on the way!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for your post about Nau! Just one small clarification: We're actually based in Portland, OR, not Canada.

Also, while some may find our color palette a bit 'muted,' this is actually part of our sustainability strategy. We try to use colors that have a timeless quality, so you don't look at our products in a couple years and say, "Yeesh, that is SO spring 2008!" We want you to be excited to wear our clothing from the day you buy until the end of its useful life. No planned obsolescence for us!

That being said, we do have some brighter colors coming later this spring, so stay tuned.

Drew Wilkins
Nau, Inc.