vintage gallore

I found Posh Girl Vintage, and I'm having a hard time staying away! Amazing vintage finds, like this lovely silk dress.


sweet neet

This online magazine, Neet, is the perfect place to start looking for some FAB finds. Featuring the work of independant designers it's bursting with creativity, and everything's so affordable, it's dangerous!


What is the Fashion Advisory Board? Is this some group who is going to be "fashion police" and "advise" me on what to wear? Well, not exactly and kind-of...

The Fashion Advisory Board exists to challenge, debate, and converse with the world of fashion. "FAB" seeks to explore how Christians can impact the fashion industry by addressing advertising, marketing, gender, and social justice issues that are relevant to the Christian community. FAB seeks to explore how we can best use the gift of creative self-expression to reclaim fashion.

So, this blog will highlight "things we likey" and challenge what we don't. It's all part of the exploration.