get smart

Bikes may not have THAT much to do with fashion, but recently Vogue ran a photo shoot claiming bikes are the newest, greatest accessories, so I'll make it work. This is the coolest bike through an amazing project (Bamboo Bike Project). Unfortunately for us, the bamboo bike costs like thousands of dollars. But what's amazing is this bamboo bike can be made by people who have lots of bamboo and little money. Check out Calfee Design for more of the story.


spring sewing

This is a pretty easy project from Purl Soho that may be just what you need to calm end of the year nerves. Not to mention, the colors are incredible. It's the Trip around the Wool blanket.



This may only be feeding my tendency towards living in a Jane Austin world, but these aprons seem like such a great idea for this time of year! Well - any time of the year! What with yard work, cooler weather, and the desire to shed my androgynous skinny jeans and sweaters of the winter for more feminine sandals and skirts, aprons are perfect.

This is from Lotta Jansdotter (who has great fabric as well) and it's onsale for $51.20

This is from Pamela Tang's etsy shop ($70) and there are more colors available as well.

My personal favorite, from Selvedge (in the UK, sadly), Fog Linen Work apron (L30, which is maybe about $50)

If you're feeling crafty, Favorite Things has a great pattern here. And, Amy Butler have a fun apron pattern included in her Barcelona Skirt pattern here. If you're in Grand Rapids, Field's Fabrics (on 44th St ) has many of her patterns and many other fun apron patterns!


Still stuck on the airbrushed thing... this is the funniest blog I've seen in a while (the best since my tall friend, Emily, introduced me to Stuff White People Like). It's called Photoshop Disasters. The name says it all...


an unachievable aesthetic

That's the problem with air-brushing, according to the British Fashion Council... "an unachievable aesthetic". So their answer? Label accordingly. If an image has been airbrushed, the BFC wants the magazine to indicate this information. Read this article from New York Magazine for more info. Would this make a difference? Images are powerful; what happens when it's image vs. word?