happy weekend!


Wow... this week flew and passed me by! Here's to weekends! Don't we need it?

Just a couple finds this week...
The first is Shumaq "a sister act by Peruvian natives Vanessa Barrantes and her business partner sister Jacqueline Barrantes." My husband is Peruvian, so I have to admit I do have a persuasion towards Peruvian artists. But these clothes don't need any extra persuasion. How perfect for the "back to school" feel of Fall? Of course, they're too pricey for just one season, but I find them really versatile for long-term wear.

Next is my favorite Etsy find of the week - bloomers! Channel your inner Josephine March with these dainties that would make any winter night way brighter with those lacy frills. You can check out the selection here.

Lastly, a crafter's paradise: Purl Soho. One browse through the fabrics and fibers has me dreaming up projects for days. Complete with a project-blog and patterns, this is a fantastic resource. Take their beautiful selection of Japanese fabrics including this one from Yuwa with hand-drawn characters

And this one Globalweave Textiles

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