subtle Bottega Venetta

I'm currently reading a GREAT book for anyone interested in the fashion industry... it's the much commented on Deluxe: How Luxury Lost it's Lustre. Author Dana Thomas really takes a fascinating dive into the underbelly of the luxury industry. It's a reality check for any fashionista or designer, and it's making me rethink how we define luxury, access, labels, etc.

So imagine how great it is to acquire all this insider business knowledge of the luxury industry, then find this article in the NY Times today. Titled "You'll know how much you spent", the article reveals how the high standards of Tomas Maier have become almost subversive in a market that wants more fast. But - wonder of wonders! - he has a strong market. It's a great article in light of Deluxe's presentation of aluxury industry that perhaps has dictated more than it's listened. Maybe Bottega Venetta's success (and I would include Prada's success as well) is a testimony to what happens when we let creative directors (as designers) run fashion houses - instead of interior decorators and aggressive business men.

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